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M.Tech -all specializations

There is a meet on 3-3-2011 for all specialization students.It is mandatory to attend the meeting. Agenda of the meeting is to discuss M.Tech almanac and literature survey seminar and report.

B.Tech students all years

all B.Tech students have to pay exam fee on or before3 rd march to the dept with out fail.they have to pay the fees to concerned faculty members.for more info see notice board.

B.Tech Projects 2011 Design Phase second phase

28-02-2011   CSE A SECTION BATCH 13-23    REPORTING TIME    9.20 AM 1/3/2011         CSE B SECTION BATCH 26,34-39   REPORTING TIME    2 PM 3-3-2011          BATCH 40-43    REPORTING TIME    9.20 AM
Students have to bring printed copy of their design phase.remaining formats are same.

B.Tech Projects 2011 Design Phase

B.Tech students have to prepare the following for design phase
1) Architecture of your project
2) UML diagrams which covers all your project 3) PPTs not more than 20. 4) Students have to gone through the concepts of  UML. Refer Grady Booch  Book

NO report is required for your design phase seminar.

B.Tech Projects 2011 schedule

Following is the schedule for Projects
SRS SEMINARS  IV B-3/2/11 AND 4/2/11IV A 7th and 8th FEB
DESIGN                             IV B-24/2/11 AND 25/2/11IV A 21th and 22th FEB
INTERIUM REPORT Immediately after design 28-02-2011for A and B sections
CODING SEMINAR     IV B-3/3/11 AND 4/3/11IV A 7th and 8th MAR
Final seminar will be Scheduled based on jntu external dates SRS Format is available in blog.
down load the format,work accordingly take approval from internal guide . 
students have to follow the schedule strictly.if they are absent seminars will not be conducted again for them.
They have to meet internal guide every week and they have to discuss their project status and take aproval.
before giving the presentations show it to internal guide.

B.Tech Projects 2011 passed out******* very urgent

all B.Tech students who have submitted abstracts have to give the company profile and the guides profile ( who is guiding you in company )to morrow i.e 19-1-2011 to me without fail.those who will not submit the details have to do the projects in college only.students are alloted guides.they have to report the guide every week.format is available with department.

M.Tech 2009-11 Batch-Projects

all M.Tech students of 2009 batch have to change the title of their project and update in their personal file.the title should not be the same with the base paper.they have discuss with their internal guide and have to make the necessary changes.and from this academic year to submit the thesis it is mandatory that
1)they have to publish the concept in any international journal or conference 2)they should have IEEE Membership
after analyzing the performance it has been decided that M.Tech students have to regulary come to faculty members are busy from 9 to 3.30 it is advisable to the students to meet their respective internal guides from 3.30 to 4.30.


we are organizing ieee colloquium on 22 nd january this is mandatory to all the M.Tech students to participate in the event.for registration details contact parasar or agasteshwar of 3rd Year B.Tech(A Section)