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B.Tech students all years

all B.Tech students have to pay exam fee on or before3 rd march to the dept with out fail.they have to pay the fees to concerned faculty members.for more info see notice board.

B.Tech Projects 2011 Design Phase second phase

28-02-2011   CSE A SECTION BATCH 13-23    REPORTING TIME    9.20 AM 1/3/2011         CSE B SECTION BATCH 26,34-39   REPORTING TIME    2 PM 3-3-2011          BATCH 40-43    REPORTING TIME    9.20 AM
Students have to bring printed copy of their design phase.remaining formats are same.

B.Tech Projects 2011 Design Phase

B.Tech students have to prepare the following for design phase
1) Architecture of your project
2) UML diagrams which covers all your project 3) PPTs not more than 20. 4) Students have to gone through the concepts of  UML. Refer Grady Booch  Book

NO report is required for your design phase seminar.