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M.Tech 3 rd sem PROJECTS

The following M.Tech students projects are cancelled .they have to meet Dean M.Tech,HOD,Director,Project Coordinator immediately. M.Tech SE       08841D2513,08841D2514,08841D2515,08841D2517  M.Tech CSE  08841D5803

B.Tech project seminars meeting guides

students should meet their respective guide with a hard copy of abstract with a file on or before monday i.e 23 rd .students who are not reported to their respected guide should note that u will not be allowed to further presentations and their abstract will be cancelled and they have to bring new abstract.

IV B.Tech technical seminar-submission of reports

all students have to submit technical seminar report to the department as per the guidelines of committee.they have to submit two copies to the department and one copy they can retain.(total 3 copies one for central library,one department copy and one for student) .copy of guidelines will be available with seminar coordinator(Ms A.Poongodai madam).some copies of seminar reports are available for your reference.certificate has to be taken on college letter head which is available in office(contact balakrishna reddy r tuljesh for letter heads).they have to take one copy after taking signatures from HOD, members of PRC,and seminar seminar is evaluated for 50 marks students are advised to prepare well to score good marks.