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Assignment 3 dwdm

            DWDM ASSIGNMENT-3 LAST DATE OF SUBMISSION:29-10-12 WRITE ON YOUR ASSIGNMENT NOTE BOOK ONLY. These are not important questions for mid exam.this questions are for assignment purpose only. 1)Explain lazy learning approach in data mining? 2)How does naive Bayes work?explain? 3)Discuss about classification by back propagation or explain feed forward neural network concept? 4)explain about data mining application in biomedical(DNA) data? 5)What is spatial data mining?define spatial data ware house? 6)explain web mining? 7)explain major clustering methods? 8)discuss various types of data in cluster analysis?what is outlier analysis? 9)write algorithm for k-means and DBSCAN algorithm in clustering? 10)write a short notes on       a) text mining?       b) multimedia mining       c) associative classification       d) applications of data mining in retail and telecommunication industry.