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1    What is data warehouse 2.      Differences between operational database system and data warehouse 3.      Explain about star , snowflakes and fact constellations schema for multidimensional database 4       Write the steps for the design and construction of data warehouse   5.      Discuss the usage of data warehouse 6.      Draw  three tier data warehouse architecture                7.    Explain about different types of OLAP servers 8.   What is Metadata? What are its requirements? 9.    Explain with a neat diagram about OLAP & OLAM. 10.    Explain about different OLAP operations.


NOTE : WRITE ASSIGNMENT  IN  NOTE BOOK ONLY WRITE THE ANSWERS IN SERIAL ORDER DO NOT COPY ANSWER FROM OTHERS LAST DATE FOR SUBMISSION OF ASSIGNMENT  31/7/13 1.      What is the need of data mining? Explain the Architecture of KDD? 2.      Explain about Data Mining on various databases 3.       Describe the Data Mining functionalities 4.      Explain about primitives of data mining 5.      Explain the classification of Data Mining   systems 6.      Discuss major issues in Data Mining   7.      What is the need for preprocessing the data?What are the various data pre processing techniques? 8.      What is data cleaning? 9.     D iscuss issues to consider during data integration 10.       Explain about data transformation