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B.Tech Projects 2011 schedule

Following is the schedule for Projects
SRS SEMINARS                 IV B-3/2/11 AND 4/2/11   IV A 7th and 8th FEB
DESIGN                             IV B-24/2/11 AND 25/2/11   IV A 21th and 22th FEB
INTERIUM REPORT              Immediately after design  28-02-2011   for A and B sections
CODING SEMINAR        IV B-3/3/11 AND 4/3/11   IV A 7th and 8th MAR
Final seminar will be Scheduled based on jntu external dates
SRS Format is available in blog.
down load the format,work accordingly take approval from internal guide
students have to follow the schedule strictly.if they are absent seminars will not be conducted again for them.
They have to meet internal guide every week and they have to discuss their project status and take aproval.
before giving the presentations show it to internal guide.

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